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Best Islamic apps for Windows 8 smartphones, tablets and PC

Every religion has their own timing of prayers and their own way to pray to remember the God who is everything for them. People love every kind of religion and want to learn and study about the other religion. So if you want to know about their culture and their religion you can have these apps. Now following are the apps which discuss about the Muslims.

Android game: King Fighter 3 game review, gameplay, walkthrough and strategy guide

Pros : Smooth controls, addictive fighting gameplay Cons : Too many ads Ratings : 4 out of 5 When it comes to action pack games then it is obvious that everyone wants to be the king of the game and may be this is the reason that the famous game developer King Fighter has come up with a game which is full of action, thriller and the name of the game itself is really appealing- King Fighter 3 . This is the thrift version of this action game and if you have enough courage to fight then do go for this innovative masterpiece of 2012. You really don't have to worry about the price of the game as it is free to download.

Best 5 Windows 8 applications for Hindus

There are thousands of applications for People who love to use Windows, from entertainment to news. You simply name it and you have it, isn't that wonderful. What if I tell you that you can also get religious and as well you can see your future by using some application through your Windows? I know it might sound unbelievable but it is true when we are in modern world of technology. Here I am going to provide you some great Hindu application for Windows that you cannot do without for sure. Let's check out some useful Hindu application that is made for Windows especially.

How to map your domain name at GoDaddy with blogger/blogspot

I have just successfully registered my domain at GoDaddy and hosted in on Blogspot which obviously you can see. I did not find any exact guides for this task and it took me a while to do it successfully. So I thought why not to make my first post on this topic itself! After all domains are also a sort of softwares only.