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Front Wars game Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Battle games will always be at the front rows in the store. This time there is this Front Wars battle game by Gregory Challant waiting for you. Setting an example of how a war simulation should be, Front Wars has gone viral in the gaming world leaving the teens exhaustively engrossed to it.

If you remember Famicom Wars or Advance Wars, Front War will appear to be quite similar to them. But this time it has given Nintendo series an update in the recent time after it produced Intelligent Systems.

The Banner Saga Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Stoic Games has now in its book an epic creation in the world of games. Participate and be a part of it in their latest PC game, The Banner Saga. Starting with a broad spectrum storyline illustrated through awesome visuals, this game has that level of interactivity where you cannot but keep yourself delving deeper and deeper inside till the game itself navigates you to the exit door. Once you enter that enchanting universe, all your fate will be decided by the skills you achieve to get along with the levels and move on.

Vikings Gone Wild Review, Gameplay and Pros & Cons

Those players who have been looking for a Clash of Clans fix on Facebook now would be able to play Vikings Gone Wild from their Everyday iPlay. This game is all about seeing its players taking control of their own village of Vikings, engage themselves in the recruitment programs of the troops and preparing them to march ahead for the ferocious battle against their rival clans. The game reminds you of the Supercell’s Clash of Clans when you see its overall game plan and also in few of its interface designs listed in the menu bar.

Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge Review

Here is a fight for revenge against a betrayal, and you must help him out. Frima Studio launches this high-precision real-time strategy game Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge that contains rigorous, fierce and brutal fights but also leaves a lot of scope for imagination and intuition. You get to deal with a number of undead zombies as the formula of bringing them into action is what the game is all about.

Drive on Moscow Review, Gameplay, Storyline and Tips to Play

Ever had a dream to tackle country affairs on your own hand? Here’s a chance for you. Shenandoah studios has launched a sequel to their last big hit Battle of the Bulge, named Drive on Moscow. Just try out and see how far you could have gone with strategizing the border security force. Strategy games on iPad have now got to follow a standard that these two games have set in the recent days.

Grand Theft Auto 5: Review, Features and Gameplay

The most awaited game that everyone was waiting to get reviewed is none other than the latest game from Rockstar Grand Theft Auto 5. As you may have witnessed many of their Grand Theft Auto series, I am sure that you will be desperately waiting to know what is inside this game. This game is the latest as well as the 15th installation added up to the GTA series that has been developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. When the last edition was released in 2008, GTA 5 was very recently launched for many gaming consoles including the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Polycraft Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Have you recently visited the Chrome Apps Store? Polycraft, a new free-to-play strategy world game via Turbulenz is waiting for you right there. It’s a simple browser-based game which you can control it through your mouse with a multiple set of actions stacked up for the players. Press the start button and you’ll find yourself busy with building bases, collecting resources and participating in mega wars. The game has both the intrigue and trick which needs a totally absorbent mind with fast moving fingers and an open thought process before each click. Better be careful, as you are now a inhabitant of an exquisite island with wonders to explore and a precarious loop to deal.  

Facebook game: Vega Conflict review, gameplay and tips to play

If you are looking for a social strategy game that doesn't tax your moneybag, Vega Conflict is the right choice for you. Pressing the play button will sweep you to the game of excitement with a world class animated site accompanied with enchanting voiceovers. If you have already set your hand with KIXEYE’s Battle Pirates, Vega Conflict may appear to be easier, but as you proceed with the game, it suddenly takes a different turn when it reaches the space transition level with verve.

Facebook game: Dojo Mojo review, gameplay and pros & cons

Pros: Solid gameplay based on Clash of Clans, nice characterization Cons: No originality, wait periods are too long.
Dojo Mojo is a game by the all time famous developers Zynga. Dojo Mojo game features a gameplay similar to the game Clash of Clans with the only difference that while Clash of Clans has western mythological creatures like Goblins, Dwarfs, Giants and other western mythological creatures, Dojo Mojo rather features Asian mythological creatures. Due to the same gameplay background Dojo Mojo has all the specifications of a game on Facebook app market which keeps it in the top list of Facebook games but then inherits the same cons as Clash of Clans.

Facebook game: Kingsbridge review, gameplay and features

Kingsbridge is an addictive strategy game which is seeing an upsurge in its popularity. The premise of the game is very simple. The player is a noble man belonging to medieval period whose job is to rebuild a forest town and also work diligently for its prosperity. The introduction to the story is short and crisp. Afterwards you are given a small tutorial on how to play the game.

Top 5 Best Strategy Games on Facebook 2013

Strategy gaming is one category of the online games that has seen a huge surge in its popularity in past few months. These games involve a lot of thinking on the part of the player and so people play them with an intention to give their brain cells some exercise. For our readers we are putting together the list of 5 best strategy games available on Facebook.