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Goodbye Deponia Review, Gameplay and Storyline

Do you remember Chaos on Deponia ? If yes, you can catch its next phase in Goodbye Deponia . If you are new to the series of Deponia, then Goodbye Deponia will take you to the make-belief world, where you are encircled with a group of heroic icons who are all set to save Deponia from its destruction. The one who is behind all this conspiracy is Organon and his people from Elysium. You are here to play this point and click game and save Deponia with the help of the four protagonists Rufus, Doc, Goal and Bozo.

The Stanley Parable: HD Remix Review, Gameplay and Storyline

Boost up your adventure spirit with the latest Adventure Genre video game The Stanley Parable: HD Remix ideal for your iPhone or PC. Interact as a first person narrator and share an exquisite experience of being a part of a thrilling story. Feel its twists and turns as a real-life experience. Face the challenges that will test your skills to win.

Catch the Berry Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

A puzzle that can stir up your scientific bent of mind and remind you of the old school physics lessons, it is the Catch the Berry mobile game launched by the Random House Digital. It is a conglomerate of the latest features that we get to see in many other physics-based puzzle games, and whether Catch the Berry game could catch up the expectations of mobile game lovers, is yet to be seen.

Soundodger+ game Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

If you want to experience the phrase “Dancing to the tune”, you need to play the latest rhythm genre game, Soundodger. It is almost an online dance through your computer controls responding to the Sound of Music. It is a game to control your mind and don’t let your mind get carried away by the mesmerizing music, but keep dodging the virtual attacks by the game that comes along with it.

Haunted House Mysteries Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Watch out at your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet there is a new mystery waiting for you to solve. Haunted House Mysteries is the latest hidden object game that is now in the store. Designed for iPad application, the game doesn't perform its best if you choose to play in other platforms.

Best Gaming Laptops Requirements and Models in 2013-2014

“All work and no play” was always a curse and we wanted the reverse to happen. So here is the day, when we get laptops which say “All play and no work”. You need not worry to damage your work station by the rough usage of playing games. Today we have a range of laptops that understood the requirements of our playful mood and are made for the tough finger play. There are plenty of questions that arise when we go for one. As the purpose and handling of the gaming laptop will be completely different from a regular one, the entire manufacture has to include certain specifications such as:

Bush Whacker 2 Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Bush Whacker as the name says is all about collecting items below the bushes. Doesn't sound much exciting, does it? But wait! There'a a lot of gameplay here of which cutting the bushes is just the base. If not for the limiting energy, this game would surely take up a lot of your time with its addictive gameplay.

Dragon Academy Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Match-three or Hatch-three games were always listed in the list of favourites of players from all ages. Dragon Academy has added a new colour to that genre with its latest engrossing features. It isn't only a game of putting the three or more icons together which has the same colour, but a game that will make this apparently easy task a challenge. You have to develop a basic skill in slaying the Dragons to score high and reach the final level.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Good news to all soccer players and lovers. The latest number Pro Evolution 2014 has added up its schedule in Konami’s Blockbuster series. Play it and experience its latest game engineering with its vigor and nail-biting excitement.