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How to get complete KYC done for Mobikwik through Android app or website

Recent RBI guidelines for mobile wallets bring along with them a lot of restrictions on its usage. Probably the biggest pain is not allowing wallet to wallet transfer which many of us do for small amounts. Then sometimes you also might have reasons to load large amounts in your wallet which right now is not possible with non-KYC compliant due to RBI limiting it to Rs.10,000 only. So all in all, to get past these restrictions it is a good idea to get your KYC verification done once so you can use your Mobikwik wallet as you wish to.

Mobikwik: Complete recharge and wallet payment solution review

Mobikwik, in the owners own words is "Personal Digital Wallet for all your payment needs". Founded by Bipin Preet Singh, Mobikwik is the biggest growing mobile payment service. With a presence on all major mediums - online website, Android app, iOS app and Windows app - Mobikwik has grown exponentially with the count standing at around 5 million users currently in India. It processes around 100,000 payments daily with a majority of them being on mobile platforms and adds up around 10,000 users daily.