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How to associate your Aadhar with LIC Insurance policy

Indian Government has made it mandatory to link your insurance policies with Aadhar. This can be done either offline or online. If you want to do it offline, go to the nearest branch office of LIC along with your policy documents, PAN card, and Aadhar card and ask the staff to associate the two. However, the online way is much simpler and will take only 2 minutes to complete. Below I will explain how to do it but before that keep your LIC Policy ID, PAN card, Aadhar card and mobile number linked to Aadhar card handy for you.
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Best 10 Android apps to install after rooting

Rooting is nothing less than opening a Pandora’s Box where you can find each and everything you name. Rooting is sort of independence for an Android smartphone after which you can install many apps and bring on many functionalities which were not possible earlier. Rooting is same to Android what Jailbreaking is to iOS. Rooting gives you administrator privileges to your device. It is similar to the administrator permission we have on Windows. Also, there are various apps in the Android market whichwon’t work on an Android phone not rooted because they require access to the root directory to work properly. You can install a custom ROM too only when you have a rooted smartphone.

How to get your Paytm account KYC verified

Paytm is the most used digital wallet in India right now and is now quite ingrained into the ecosystem of digital payments. After demonetization, it has got a very big boost and now even our local Kirana stores to office canteens accept payments through Paytm. However, recent RBI guidelines plan to bring a spanner into this seamless way of paying one another. All online wallets are now mandated to get the KYC of their users failing which the users won't be able to do wallet to wallet transactions nor will they be able to upload more than Rs.10,000 in their wallets within a specific month. Paytm has welcomed this guideline unlike many other smaller wallet operators and for the same has contract employed a large workforce to get the KYC done.

How to get complete KYC done for Mobikwik through Android app or website

Recent RBI guidelines for mobile wallets bring along with them a lot of restrictions on its usage. Probably the biggest pain is not allowing wallet to wallet transfer which many of us do for small amounts. Then sometimes you also might have reasons to load large amounts in your wallet which right now is not possible with non-KYC compliant due to RBI limiting it to Rs.10,000 only. So all in all, to get past these restrictions it is a good idea to get your KYC verification done once so you can use your Mobikwik wallet as you wish to.

How to configure your router for ION broadband

My D-Link router has a bad habit of getting automatically reset sometimes. Then there is the issue that the service guy says that they provide support for TP-Link or Belkin routers but not for D-Link routers. Anyhow, the number of times our router just decides to reset is quite a lot to inconvenience the poor guy each time and further, that would mean that I too have to wait for broadband service to get restored until the technician comes to my house to restore the settings. So I decided to take this task in my own hand and it was a definitely a good decision because all it takes is around 2-3 minutes to do these settings. 1. Log in to your router You can access the settings page of your router by logging into it. To do so, first, connect to the router through Wifi or through LAN. Once connected use the URL: "". If the router is new or has been reset, you should not be asked for a password. If asked, either you should know your username password com

How to change your default browser in Windows 10

At the time of writing this post, Windows 10 is still in beta but by the time you are reading this, probably it would have been already released. Changing your default browser is a little different to how it was before but it is not much difficult though it does require a few extra steps. Earlier, you could have just gone to the Options menu in your new browser and there could have selected "Make Default" to make the browser default but in Windows 10 this doesn't work and your default browser will still be Microsoft Edge.

5 Websites To Get Tata Docomo Recharges Online in India

Tata Docomo is basically used for its cheap plans, and connectivity. Just like other service providers, you can recharge your Docomo connection online using recharge website. Such websites not only save our time, and effort, but also prevent us from going out of the connection. With these websites, we no longer need to search for a mobile recharge shop, and always enjoy regular connectivity.