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World of Warplanes Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Popularity of war games never lagged behind especially when it started steaming up the mobile and computer screens. Among the hosts of them, was leading ahead with its smashing hit World of Tanks. Of late it has surpassed its own creation and World of Warplanes shook the player’s world with its fiery war activities in all the three worlds of land, sea and air.

Drive on Moscow Review, Gameplay, Storyline and Tips to Play

Ever had a dream to tackle country affairs on your own hand? Here’s a chance for you. Shenandoah studios has launched a sequel to their last big hit Battle of the Bulge, named Drive on Moscow. Just try out and see how far you could have gone with strategizing the border security force. Strategy games on iPad have now got to follow a standard that these two games have set in the recent days.

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Did you ever have a fancy to go for a personality test? If not, then have you ever given it a thought how it would have been, if you were a different type of person? To try any one of them, you can play Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf and come to know about yourself, what type of a warrior you are. It is a game from the interactive gamebooks genre, where you are free to choose your fighter a Lone Wolf from a series of characteristics. The rest of the game will follow suit your choice of fighting spirit. Whether you want him to be a stealthy diplomat, a strong headed fighter, the gameplay will arrange for all possible challenges your fighter wolf can take up.

Don't Shoot Yourself! Review, Gameplay and Pros and Cons

Shoot out with all your strength and fight till the end. But beware; the bullets shouldn’t come back as a boomerang. In classic genre of games, we all have seen players dealing with the firings that run continuously and he needs to make his way through that incredible scenario. But it goes all different when the culprit behind the showering of bullets is none other but thee player himself. That is the twist in the latest launched game Don’t Shoot Yourself!

Hunter Island Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Pokemon trained the Arkadions to fight against the untamed Arkadions. Hunter Island uses the Arkadions in a more subtle and intricate way. They just don’t fight but also find out solutions for individual problems and utilize their strength in measured lengths. Hunter Island has set an example of how an ideal Pokemon game should be played on iOS.

Juice Cubes Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Remember doing match the following in the junior school classes? Now it will bring you loads of fun in your gaming screen if you play Juice Cubes , introduced by Pocket Paylab and Rovio Stars. It is a free to play game in the genre of match-three games. The game will be as simple as drawing lines to match the icons, but preferably not changing their places.  

Thor: The Dark World Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Another number that Gameloft has added to the Thor series is, Thor: The Dark World that has attracted many game spirits. A presentation that has world-class visuals, a nice story telling with an enchanting voice-over, Thor: The Dark World has the potential in it to involve you to an extent, where your role-playing almost takes the shape of reality.

Master Reboot Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

If you had questions and fear in your mind about mortality and keep wishing secretly to remain immortal, play Master Reboot and experience the logical possibilities in its virtual world.  Here death doesn’t kill you, but transforms your lifestyle in a different mode of existence.

Dead Trigger 2 Review and Pros & Cons

Can you take the charge of killing zombies? Are you ready for the spine-chilling suspense and nerve-shattering violence? Madfinger has in its stock the opportunity to play it for free, and the name you have to look for is Dead Trigger 2. Pros : So many weapons, beautiful graphics and too much content and all that for free! Cons : Minor bug crash issues and no clarity on gold management