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Lose weight and stay healthy with BodBot on Windows phone 8

It is not everyday that you find a app that can give your personal trainer a run for his/her money. It is a fitness app that comes with great functionality and performance. It was already available for Android and iOS and now it is available for Windows 8 too. BodBot is an app that takes care of your diet as well as your daily exercises creating the required balance between the two.

If you want to get in shape and want something easy to guide you with, BodBot is your thing. If you already have a diet plan and know your way around the gym then you can give this app a miss. But if you are just starting out and especially if don't want to go to the gym right now then BodBot is the right app to start this with.

Best Football live streaming, games and trivia apps for Windows 8

Football is a game of speed, stamina, fake moves and of goals. Everyone wants to be a part of this game and now with Windows 8 apps of football will bring the game in your hand in which you can play the game with different teams or you can show your knowledge related to the game and you can show your skills to defend the other opponents challenges.

Top 5 free firewall softwares/apps for Windows 8 smartphones and PC

Having a computer means a lot of security work for you and if you are accessing internet with it then you must have a firewall in your computer. If you have firewall in your computer, then it will be able to protect your computer from malware. By not having firewall many people lose their Gmail and Facebook passwords due to online attacks on computers. And that is just the least of harms, imagine getting your banking passwords hacked! So it means that it is must to have firewall software for internet users. Firewall is the strongest protection between two computers and computer and websites. Firewall is capable of allowing loading of only secure sites and hence saving your computer from unnecessary attacks. Firewalls and Antivirus software have a lot of difference. Antivirus are not as efficient in protecting your computer from hackers or malicious software such as worms. So if you want every protection for your computer overall then go through the list of firewall software below to …

Top 7 Best Lifestyle apps for Windows 8

The Lifestyle apps on Windows 8 give you the latest trends to follow; you can search for a good place for your trip, can go with the latest music, phones etc. So here are some applications which might help you in taking your lifestyle decisions and show you the latest updates of the world.

Amazon Metro for Windows 8 This Windows 8 app will provide you with the latest deals and offers offered by Amazon. It will also let you know about the most selling product and you can easily move from app to their site to complete the purchase process. It gives you all the detail about the product with their review so that you can decide which is best for you.

Best Christian apps for Windows 8 for smartphones, laptops and PC

Are you looking for some cool Christmas apps for Windows 8 and can’t find the best one? We here provide you with the details of few best Christian apps that will adorn your smartphone. There are games, carols, videos, RSS feeds and recipe ideas & all of them are Christmas themed. These apps will help stimulate your brain, improve your gaming skills, provide you with the best food ideas for the celebration and above all, will serve as a great source of fun and entertainment.

Best Islamic apps for Windows 8 smartphones, tablets and PC

Every religion has their own timing of prayers and their own way to pray to remember the God who is everything for them. People love every kind of religion and want to learn and study about the other religion. So if you want to know about their culture and their religion you can have these apps. Now following are the apps which discuss about the Muslims.

Best 5 Windows 8 applications for Hindus

There are thousands of applications for People who love to use Windows, from entertainment to news. You simply name it and you have it, isn't that wonderful. What if I tell you that you can also get religious and as well you can see your future by using some application through your Windows? I know it might sound unbelievable but it is true when we are in modern world of technology. Here I am going to provide you some great Hindu application for Windows that you cannot do without for sure. Let's check out some useful Hindu application that is made for Windows especially.