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LYNE game review, gameplay, storyline and tips to play

If you have had fun with classic Arukone, you would certainly like this new minimalist puzzler game Lyne where you have to connect two look - alike shapes like triangles or squares which would be scattered around the screen and you need to place them on a particular grid without breaking the line. Each of them would have distinctive boundaries and it won’t be difficult to save them from getting overlapped. If you are wondering coming at this point that what is the puzzle in this, then you need to enter the game and watch out how can it puzzle you to the roots.

Sugar Tales Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

If you have a sweet tooth, playing King’s mega-match-three games can make you still more addictive to them, as they are all set to entice you with their sweetly planned game with delightfully colourful themes.
Storyline This time in Sugar Tales you have to break the habit of picking up candies with still more delicious looking cakes. Even the cells are also changed in shape from square to hexagonal ones where you have to click on a category of static icons adjacent to each other and complete the task of the traditional match- three games. 

Awakening Kingdoms Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

The Hidden Object Games Genre is keeping its players on their toe with new additions every time. This time the title added feathers to its cap is Big Fish Games’ free-to-play HOG Awakening Kingdoms. Though apparently you get the same stuff which you get in any of these games, Awakening Kingdomsdoes add up some more spice to it. This time it can be more than just a wonderful combination of jigsaw puzzles, hidden object hunts, looking for collectibles and building simulations.

Pepper Panic Saga Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Another match-three puzzle game with which King could mesmerise the gamers as he did with Candy Crush Saga is Pepper Panic Saga. It will keep you engaged till you will be embarrassingly late for your daily schedule. Storyline Don’t think that you are going to work with Pepper, Salt and table sauces. Pepper is a cute little puppy here who has a nasty taste for hot things. He is not at all like his fellow beings who will run after bones and other stuff. Rather he would love to sniff around for the best pepper available. His obsession with peppers finally makes him transform his life from a dog to a pepper planting professional.

Juice Cubes Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Remember doing match the following in the junior school classes? Now it will bring you loads of fun in your gaming screen if you play Juice Cubes,introduced by Pocket Paylab and Rovio Stars. It is a free to play game in the genre of match-three games. The game will be as simple as drawing lines to match the icons, but preferably not changing their places.  

Catch the Berry Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

A puzzle that can stir up your scientific bent of mind and remind you of the old school physics lessons, it is the Catch the Berry mobile game launched by the Random House Digital. It is a conglomerate of the latest features that we get to see in many other physics-based puzzle games, and whether Catch the Berry game could catch up the expectations of mobile game lovers, is yet to be seen.

Dragon Academy Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Match-three or Hatch-three games were always listed in the list of favourites of players from all ages. Dragon Academy has added a new colour to that genre with its latest engrossing features. It isn't only a game of putting the three or more icons together which has the same colour, but a game that will make this apparently easy task a challenge. You have to develop a basic skill in slaying the Dragons to score high and reach the final level.

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, Episode 4 Review, Gameplay and Tips to play

An addition to the first three episodes of the thrilling puzzler, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller has been launched. To share the experience, I must say, it has really added a lot of flavours to the style, scope and thrill. So, why not experience it yourself? But if you are too skeptical, you can have a peep at what it has it in store.

Facebook game: Treasure Epic Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Another tile-matching game which can win your heart in Facebook is Treasure Epic. You must have experienced Treasure hunting before, but Treasure Epic does have some hidden surprises which you can’t afford to miss out. But the game isn't meant for the free loaders, you need to shell out your own treasures to gain them more.

Fairy Tale Twist Review, Gameplay and Tips to play

Save your loved heroes by solving match-3 puzzles- this is exactly what Zynga has based the theme of its new game Fairy Tale Twist on. Fairy Tale Twist is a new match-3 game on Facebook that has its own unique and common features to other match-3 games on Facebook. Fairy Tale Twist brings to you a new addicting gameplay in a match-3 game with the aim to dig into your pockets while you are getting hooked to another one of their games.

The Night of Rabbit: Review, Gameplay, Features and Review

Engrossing puzzles, intricate graphics, magical gameplay and fun is what you get while playing The Night of Rabbit

IntroductionThe Night of Rabbit is a thrilling adventure game which was released on May 29, 2013. This game has been developed by Daedalic Entertainment, features walking through an impressive tale which is filled with wonders and magic. Here in this tale you can let your imagination free as there is nothing which is not possible. As you follow the white rabbit, you will be able to explore the beauty of the marvelous kingdom of Mousewood. The main specialty of this wondrous land is that, here animals speak and mystery here is abound. In short, the game The Night of Rabbit is a game that gives you ultimate adventurous moments along with laughter, joy and fear.

Gunpoint: Review, Gameplay, Tips and Tricks to play

Pros: Great sets of controls, Impressive visuals, Interesting puzzles that are originative, excellent creativity.
Cons: Lack of content makes the game short.
Gunpoint is nothing but a simple puzzle game that will entertain you at its most. The main theme behind this game is spying, acrobatic feats and most importantly puzzles. Gunpoint which was developed and published by 'Independent' was released on June 3, 2013. Apart from a random puzzle game, Gunpoint delivers impressive visual features along with background musics. Do you love being a freelance spy and infiltrate various buildings that are being provided with maximum security? Then you are going to love this game. 

Candy Crush saga game review, tips to play and walkthrough

If you are a game lover and searching for a game which is very addictive and provide you with all kind of levels to entertain you then you should download candy crush saga. It provides users with the simplest controls and a nice graphics to enjoy the game fully. According to the reviews users have never faced the problem of crash and the game is making its position very strong with 4.4 rating. So take a look at all the features provided by this game to its users.

Bejeweled Blitz game review, features and tips to play

When it comes to speed, everyone wants to be the fastest to beat their enemies and make their way to a higher level. Bejeweled Blitz was launched on Facebook which will test your speed in matching 3 or more similar items in limited period of time. The more you match the items more you are going to earn and the experience level will increase. So take a look at steps to play the game and features offered by this game to its lovers.

Facebook game: Pet Rescue Saga gameplay, review and tips to play

Pet Rescue Saga is a puzzle game that has its gameplay very similar to that as of Diamond Dash. It is basically a block matching game which a few differences from Diamond Dash.

Unbelievably it has a fantastic playable fairy tale which comes alive with animals like puppies, bunnies, piglets and more; it has got over 10 different lovable pets, easy to learn, because of which you will have hours and hours of fun challenges. It has got some spectacular boosters and bonus rewards like Diamonds, bombs, locks & keys, animal cages and more. It has also got an exciting Leaderboard to compare your progress against your friends.

Facebook game: Pengle review, gameplay and storyline

Pengle has been developed by the Korean developers Cookapps who have also developed many other famous Facebook games like Buggle, Superball and Diggle. Pengle is not a new game in terms of the gameplay but actually is a another variant of the highly successful game Bejeweled Blitz. There are a few extra features but most of the gem matching match-3 action is the same.

How to play Words With Friends Facebook game- walkthrough and review

Let start with some of the remarks made by some popular websites and news channel about the Facebook game Words With Friends. They are as follows :
• "Delightfully addictive." – GeekSugar
• "Social gaming at its finest." – Fox News
• "The premise of ‘Words‘ is simple: you fire it up and are playing a Scrabble-like word game against one of your friends in seconds." – TechCrunch.

So now you can guess how addictive this game can be. Let's us see what's exactly this game has to hold for us.

Top five best puzzle games on Facebook for 2013

Do you find puzzles interesting? Big or small they are all exciting, once you solve them, and the sooner you solve them, you are declared a winner by all. ‘Yup! I can do it!’ this kind of feeling comes to you and gives you the belief that he is that one Special Somebody, who can dare it all. Puzzle games become so popular increasingly that people buy them for the sake of fashion too. Or what you can call a trend. My neighbor has it, so do I. Try not to bother your mind, rather enjoy the puzzle type game that you bought recently. You’ll sit like a tortoise till you get it all solved, but hey! Concentration is important, isn't it?