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Chaos Fighters review, gameplay and tips to play

In times like today, quite a lot of our day is spent online. Playing games, spending time on Facebook and Twitter, reading articles and what not! With Chaos Fighters, Coco Entertainment has succeeded in creating game that always has some for you to do. There are a plethora of ways to level up your character, there is style, the gameplay is interesting but there is a lack of base to let Chaos Fighters get the best ratings in our review.

The Banner Saga Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Stoic Games has now in its book an epic creation in the world of games. Participate and be a part of it in their latest PC game, The Banner Saga. Starting with a broad spectrum storyline illustrated through awesome visuals, this game has that level of interactivity where you cannot but keep yourself delving deeper and deeper inside till the game itself navigates you to the exit door. Once you enter that enchanting universe, all your fate will be decided by the skills you achieve to get along with the levels and move on.

Tale of a Pale Swordsman: Reaper game review, gameplay and tips to play

It is quite difficult nowadays to find decent action games for mobiles. In name of action games you get titles like Soldiers D.U.T.Y which look like a college project of a beginner in game development. In search of my good games for mobile platform I chanced upon Reaper by Hexage. Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordman give you an in depth gaming experience with the storyline dependent on your choices, weapon upgrades and a lots of fighting sequences to enjoy!

Legend of Equip Pants Review, Storyline and Pros & Cons

Pros and cons
Pros- Silly sense of humour will make you addicted towards this game, impeccable graphics, people from all ages can dwell in this game, RPG sound track, pixel based graphics
Cons- Short and silly game not much to describe about

Ratings: 5 out of 10

Do you remember what fun it was to play the very first Dragon Warrior game on the NES or the Monkey Island game which we all miss? Well, if answer to this question is resounding yes, then you might also remember that you used to purchase clothes- armour. The main question that we asked each other was- was the hero naked before we purchased clothes? Of course, he was not really naked or at least we couldn't view it because of limited graphics and stringent censorship policies by the developer. However, the legacy continues with this game. It is an odd adventure game fueled by silly jokes, pantaloons, shorts and underwear. Yes, you read it right, underwear!

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Did you ever have a fancy to go for a personality test? If not, then have you ever given it a thought how it would have been, if you were a different type of person? To try any one of them, you can play Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf and come to know about yourself, what type of a warrior you are. It is a game from the interactive gamebooks genre, where you are free to choose your fighter a Lone Wolf from a series of characteristics. The rest of the game will follow suit your choice of fighting spirit. Whether you want him to be a stealthy diplomat, a strong headed fighter, the gameplay will arrange for all possible challenges your fighter wolf can take up.

Bush Whacker 2 Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Bush Whacker as the name says is all about collecting items below the bushes. Doesn't sound much exciting, does it? But wait! There'a a lot of gameplay here of which cutting the bushes is just the base. If not for the limiting energy, this game would surely take up a lot of your time with its addictive gameplay.

Final Fantasy XIV: Review, Gameplay and Features

If all you folks are waiting for an exciting MMO role-play game, explore the adventurous world of Eorzea, in the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, a Persistent Online RPG game published and developed by Square Enix this August.  There’s a lot you can do here with your circle. It can be climbing up a chocobo, boarding an aircraft or make up a story of your own within the Universe of Final Fantasy, catch up a quest for the epic and fight a battle with the monsters of Final Fantasy. To make the fortune of Eorzeal, all you need to do is to unite and stand against all its odds together with your pals. Everyone will get the opportunity to acquire a special skill and gadget to fight with, while you are on your way to the mission.

Card Hunter Review, Gameplay and Tips and Tricks to Play

Card Hunter is a recently launched browser-based flash game which has been developed and published by Blue Manchu. This great collectible card game has been released worldwide by September 12, 2013. In fact the Card Hunter is not a collectible card game alone, rather it is an all in one combination of video games, tabletop games and collectible card games.

Facebook game: Monster Legends Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

One more free-to-play game that Facebook has brought with the Monster Legends will surely catch you with its difference from its competitors. Definitely, it may not be overwhelming, but has its own charm all along, making you play quite a number of times. It does resemble the Nintendo-backed IP with a P, but Monster Legends will make you make the monsters for your own benefit.

Facebook game: Terra Monsters review, gameplay and tips to play

Another Facebook application game that traps your attention is The Terra Monsters. There are almost 200 monsters whom you can arrest and train, and that is the trump card of this game. It even counts more than the "over 100 quests" and also the "massive open world". Rather, it would be better to say that there are the only points worth highlighting in the game.

Ratings: 1 start

Neverwinter game review, gameplay and highlights

Coming to the world of games that inspire your adventurous spirit, Neverwinter comes up with all that rows of excitement you are looking for. Stacked up in the Perfect World Entertainment, Neverwinter wears the perfect settings of classic RPG supplements, novels and prior video games, Neverwinter has won attention worldwide, with its engrossing game plan along with its free-to-play MMORPG option. If you are new to the site, you are likely to have an engrossing time ahead.

The Smurfs & Co: Spellbound Review, Gameplay and Tips to play

The Smurfs & Co: Spellbound is a follow up game to the highly popular existing sim on Facebook The Smurfs and Co. This game is primarily for those who are die hard fans of the Smurfs, that is especially kids. There is nothing unique in this game that the previous sim didn't have or for that matter other city building games don't offer. You has to play the role of a Smurf who has to protect his friends and restore the blue glory of his/her city.

Marvel Heroes review, gameplay, features and tips to play

If you have been playing Marvel Heroes games for a long time, then I would say that you might get little disappointed with this new version of the game. You may find some repetitive actions coming all over again. But still, there is a lot more of things that you will love about this game. Here I will review another action game of Marvel Heroes, so that you will get all the details of this fantastic game.

How to play Facebook game Car Town EX- review & walkthrough

Now a days people are very crazy about cars and want their car to-be fully loaded with features and have the best style all over the town. So you can use your ideas of a perfect garage for the cars in this game and can become the famous garage master. You have to satisfy your customer and build your garage so that more customer will get attracted towards your garage. Take a look at the steps to play the game and tips which are going to help you in this game.

Top 5 Best Adventure & RPG Games on Facebook 2013

Adventure and RPG (Role Playing Games) games have seen a huge surge in their popularity in past one year. Their engaging storylines and amazing action keeps the users hooked to the game. Facebook has introduced a number of pretty cool adventure and RPG games for its users. Here we are listing best 5 of them for our readers.