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Dragon Mania Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Wanna participate in that dreadful fight? Don’t worry you have a battalion of dragons whom you have taken care from their prenatal stage. Now they are obliged to fight for you. Install Dragon Mania on your system and press the start button. It is Gameloft’s ‘slow but steady’ approach to gate-crash the simulating combat genre in the gaming world, most probably to compete against Clash of Clans. Its combat sections will not allow you to take any break until you are done with it. To keep pace with those action-packed scenes, you must have the best of the dragons listed in your crew. Take a close look at the dragons and choose the best from the lot.

Top Five Best Facebook Simulation Games of 2013

C’mon chase your favorite dream! It’s like moving like a cartoon character without losing your own special self. Simulation games take you into a closely interwoven tale that never fails to make you gasp with excitement as you move along. Which are the top five simulation games on FaceBook in 2013? This ought to be the question that everybody needs to answer, without having to think again.