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Tale of a Pale Swordsman: Reaper game review, gameplay and tips to play

It is quite difficult nowadays to find decent action games for mobiles. In name of action games you get titles like Soldiers D.U.T.Y which look like a college project of a beginner in game development. In search of my good games for mobile platform I chanced upon Reaper by Hexage. Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordman give you an in depth gaming experience with the storyline dependent on your choices, weapon upgrades and a lots of fighting sequences to enjoy!

Soldiers D.U.T.Y Next review, gameplay and tips to play

It is taking me quite a time to decide the best way to moderately start the review of this game. Not because it has a lot to talk about, but because it is not even worth the graphics they have put up. Soldiers DUTY looks more like a college project which has been published on Windows store. Play with touch controls or with keyboard or mouse, the game is not worth to even try!

Developers: CyberCowy
Ratings: 0 out of 10 stars