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FIFA Soccer 14 Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

A full-fledged soccer match that can win your heart is now on the move, with your finger touch. Electronic Arts has brought to you the entire show right on your screen and what more? You are the one who would be manipulating the players of this International standard football match through the electronic media. Feel the pulse of a vibrating football match with every motion designed for you to play and make your team bring the winning trophy. Ratings : 8 out of 10 stars

Infinity Blade 3 Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

The action packed game that went viral across the world has now added its final colour with a twisting conclusion in the Infinity Blade III . The Developer, Chair Entertainment along with the Publisher Epic Games has already won awards for their productions that never compromised on quality, be it the story, the audio-visual support, the thrills and suspense in actions or the victorious retrieval.

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, Episode 4 Review, Gameplay and Tips to play

An addition to the first three episodes of the thrilling puzzler, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller has been launched. To share the experience, I must say, it has really added a lot of flavours to the style, scope and thrill. So, why not experience it yourself? But if you are too skeptical, you can have a peep at what it has it in store.

Lost Planet 3 Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

In the Action genre game series, Lost Planet 3 brings about the most thrilling experience that most players would be waiting for.  It is all about the historical times of colonialism in the planet E.D.N III apprehending its impending disaster. The players have no other choice other than getting prepared for untoward situations. This time the game has reached the extremity of getting tough, more than any other numbers of the series. The developers from Capcom had been generous enough to provide a wide range of gameplay actions for the individual players. The modes are huge in number clubbed with a high intensity action based field of experience. You are there to explore the mystery beyond the mystic background of E.D.N. III in Lost Planet 3.

Teleglitch Die More Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

When you love experiencing the pain, and a tearing apart tension to meet the die-hard challenges, it is time to play Teleglitch. You play and die not once but as many times till you don’t get that satisfaction out of it. Launched by the Paradox Interactive in the shooter genre games-style, developed by the Test3 Projects, Teleglitch hasn't compromised a little with the intensity of making the players experience the deadly horror in a cold dark atmosphere created in the virtual world.

Grand Theft Auto 5: Review, Features and Gameplay

The most awaited game that everyone was waiting to get reviewed is none other than the latest game from Rockstar Grand Theft Auto 5 . As you may have witnessed many of their Grand Theft Auto series, I am sure that you will be desperately waiting to know what is inside this game. This game is the latest as well as the 15th installation added up to the GTA series that has been developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. When the last edition was released in 2008, GTA 5 was very recently launched for many gaming consoles including the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Rayman Legends Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Ubisoft Montpellier launched another series of adventure with fantasy and suspense. Based on a medieval background, Rayman Legends is a compact game with excellent features coupled with marvelous environment, soundtracks, gaming modes, characters and game plan. The levels are discreetly designed and each of them ensures a level of intricacies that adds up to the class of the game. You won’t find any level repetitive, as each and every level has its own set of intrigue, theme and soundtrack. The advanced lighting system adds up a jovial spirit to the game.

Final Fantasy XIV: Review, Gameplay and Features

If all you folks are waiting for an exciting MMO role-play game, explore the adventurous world of Eorzea, in the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, a Persistent Online RPG game published and developed by Square Enix this August.  There’s a lot you can do here with your circle. It can be climbing up a chocobo, boarding an aircraft or make up a story of your own within the Universe of Final Fantasy, catch up a quest for the epic and fight a battle with the monsters of Final Fantasy. To make the fortune of Eorzeal, all you need to do is to unite and stand against all its odds together with your pals. Everyone will get the opportunity to acquire a special skill and gadget to fight with, while you are on your way to the mission.

Card Hunter Review, Gameplay and Tips and Tricks to Play

Card Hunter is a recently launched browser-based flash game which has been developed and published by Blue Manchu. This great collectible card game has been released worldwide by September 12, 2013. In fact the Card Hunter is not a collectible card game alone, rather it is an all in one combination of video games, tabletop games and collectible card games.

Polycraft Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Have you recently visited the Chrome Apps Store? Polycraft, a new free-to-play strategy world game via Turbulenz is waiting for you right there. It’s a simple browser-based game which you can control it through your mouse with a multiple set of actions stacked up for the players. Press the start button and you’ll find yourself busy with building bases, collecting resources and participating in mega wars. The game has both the intrigue and trick which needs a totally absorbent mind with fast moving fingers and an open thought process before each click. Better be careful, as you are now a inhabitant of an exquisite island with wonders to explore and a precarious loop to deal.  

The Dark Eye: Memoria Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

If you  were fascinated with The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav and wanted to experience the same with some added adventure, Daedalic Entertainment has thought for you and launched its sequel, The Dark Eye: Memoria . It continues with the same D&D features in board games in the RPG series. It will sweep away all your attention with its grandeur and artistic presentation. Memoria is a game that has won the hearts of players across the world especially in Germany.

NatGeo: World of Secrets Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

A hidden object game that can motivate your learning spirit in Facebook, is NatGeo: World of Secrets. It is an open-ended game that works on all browser windows with enormous options to find out places and things which can push you ahead through the game. It may leave you hover a little in the same ring, but finally you reach your destination in no time.

Facebook game: Soldier's Inc Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

If you are into Social Strategy Games, Soldiers Inc. is a new one to add to your experience. It stands apart from other Facebook application games because of its great presentation, be it, Jesper Kyd’s music, visuals of the game design including the resource collection and base building. The game proceeds quite smoothly.

Facebook game: Treasure Epic Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Another tile-matching game which can win your heart in Facebook is Treasure Epic. You must have experienced Treasure hunting before, but Treasure Epic does have some hidden surprises which you can’t afford to miss out. But the game isn't meant for the free loaders, you need to shell out your own treasures to gain them more.

Facebook game: Monster Legends Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

One more free-to-play game that Facebook has brought with the Monster Legends will surely catch you with its difference from its competitors. Definitely, it may not be overwhelming, but has its own charm all along, making you play quite a number of times. It does resemble the Nintendo-backed IP with a P, but Monster Legends will make you make the monsters for your own benefit.

Facebook game: Kitchen Scramble review, features and tips to play

We all are looking for a change of taste every day, and Facebook brought to us this game with a different taste, calling it Kitchen Scramble . It’s all about time-management moving around a woman entrepreneur offering a variety of dishes in her menu from her food vehicle.