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Minitool Partition Wizard Professional Edition v8.1.1: Hands-on Review

Minitool is a highly reputed name in the data management industry. Several Government and big private firms are its clients, Minitool has definitely carved a place in the niche of data management. It offers tools of Disk management, Partition management and Data recovery. The only product that comes to mind that it lacks in is a Data Back tool. Anyhow, this time we are reviewing the Minitool Partition Wizard Professional edition on our system to see what this utility offers in terms of features that makes it such a widely accepted product among big organizations.

Minitool Partition Wizard Professional Edition is a product optimized for business environment with a few extra features that you won't get in the home edition. These are Merge Partition, Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk and Change Cluster Size. With this tool you can Create a new partition, change its size, merge two or more partitions, delete a partition, copy a partition, hide or unhide partition, convert or explore…

Uconomix uMark Watermark Software Review and Features

uMark Professional is launched by a Uconomix Technologies Private Limited in this year which has wooed the market with its easy-to-use yet powerful application that is perfectly designed for the protection of your digital property copyright especially images through adding watermarks. Though a professional tool, uMark will surprise you with its simplicity and transparency. Developed on a sound technical background, uMark looks attractive and intuitive. It has freed a vast sector of people including professionals like photographers, SEO folks, writers, bloggers and non-professionals from botheration of copyright issues and from the unnecessary dangers of being exploited online just because of sharing their content online.

Paragon Backup and Recovery Home 14 features and review

Paragon Backup and Recovery Home 14 is a premium software that can help you in creating a complete back up of your hard drive or a partition of it so that when you lost your data partially or fully in case of a hard drive you can rest assured that they will be restored as it is. With the fresh look of Windows 8 like interface, Paragon Backup and Restore provides easy access to all its main features

Back up using Paragon Home 14 From the home screen itself you can start the backup of your hard drive's partition or the whole hard drive, the OS along with it. The software is a little heavy at 200+ MB but the installation is simple. Just click on the Backup button present on the home screen and a wizard will open up to guide you through the process. Select the drives you want to back up and the destination drive. There are a few settings regarding the backup which you decide to customize or leave it in default state. One option you might like to customize here is the option to break …

Best Virtualization software for Windows 8, 7 and earlier versions

What is Virtualization software? A Virtualization software can effectively turn one computer into several. It is commonly understood that one computer runs only one operating system. Virtualization software program changes this fact by allowing you to run multiple operating systems on one machine simultaneously.
In virtualization context the main operating system running on the machine is labeled as host operating system whereas subsequent operating systems installed are referred to as guest operating system. You can use as many guest operating systems as you require, they will act like independent new computers and even show as separate units on a network thus effectively turning one computer into several.
It is generally accepted that users having windows as host operating system find their options limited when it comes to choosing virtualization software. This is not entirely correct. Recent advancements in information technology have created a lot of viable options for windows us…

Top 5 Best performance tune up utilities for Windows 8, 7 and XP

Remember the days when your computer system used to have a jet speed, that was the time when you first had rebooted your computer, but as your computer start getting packed with new files everyday it is bound to get slow day after day and this is the time it gets really important to tune up your computer, so that it can again get a moderate speed and have a good lifespan. There are thousands of tune up utility software available in the market, but here I will be giving review of the top five tune up utility software and application. But first you should know what exactly tune up utility software is, it is an application which is designed to fix the wear and tear that computer which may suffer over time by repairing hard drive fragmentation, fixing the problematic Windows registry, and also by deleting all the useless and duplicate files.

Best Christian apps for Windows 8 for smartphones, laptops and PC

Are you looking for some cool Christmas apps for Windows 8 and can’t find the best one? We here provide you with the details of few best Christian apps that will adorn your smartphone. There are games, carols, videos, RSS feeds and recipe ideas & all of them are Christmas themed. These apps will help stimulate your brain, improve your gaming skills, provide you with the best food ideas for the celebration and above all, will serve as a great source of fun and entertainment.

Best Islamic apps for Windows 8 smartphones, tablets and PC

Every religion has their own timing of prayers and their own way to pray to remember the God who is everything for them. People love every kind of religion and want to learn and study about the other religion. So if you want to know about their culture and their religion you can have these apps. Now following are the apps which discuss about the Muslims.

Best 5 Windows 8 applications for Hindus

There are thousands of applications for People who love to use Windows, from entertainment to news. You simply name it and you have it, isn't that wonderful. What if I tell you that you can also get religious and as well you can see your future by using some application through your Windows? I know it might sound unbelievable but it is true when we are in modern world of technology. Here I am going to provide you some great Hindu application for Windows that you cannot do without for sure. Let's check out some useful Hindu application that is made for Windows especially.