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Best Virtualization software for Linux OS to run Windows

The Linux OS failed to become as popular as Windows OS but nevertheless it is also a fact that it is one of the best operating systems in the world. More than 85% of world’s supercomputers use some version of Linux as their operating system. Linux stands as the prime choice for embedded systems today; where as windows lacks visibly in that arena.

Best Virtualization Software for MAC OS to run Windows OS

Mac OS were developed by Apple; though the world on the whole seems to go bananas for Windows OS but the fact remains that despite Mac being a little behind in terms of market share or growth it is as good as any version of Windows. The dilemma can become a pain if you wish to use Mac and your wife likes Windows so what to do? Well less worries now as virtualization has taken the world by storm.

Best Virtualization software for Windows 8, 7 and earlier versions

What is Virtualization software? A Virtualization software can effectively turn one computer into several. It is commonly understood that one computer runs only one operating system. Virtualization software program changes this fact by allowing you to run multiple operating systems on one machine simultaneously.
In virtualization context the main operating system running on the machine is labeled as host operating system whereas subsequent operating systems installed are referred to as guest operating system. You can use as many guest operating systems as you require, they will act like independent new computers and even show as separate units on a network thus effectively turning one computer into several.
It is generally accepted that users having windows as host operating system find their options limited when it comes to choosing virtualization software. This is not entirely correct. Recent advancements in information technology have created a lot of viable options for windows us…