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Doctor Who: Legacy Review, Storyline, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Fiction had always been a source of popular game plans. Doctor Who: Legacy follows the same rule. It is a free-to-play game but has some interesting twists and turns making it stand out of the ordinary stamp. It has enhanced the mere matching-the-icon trend into a tug of war, where the player has to be the Doctor with other helping hands takes all the necessary measures to fend off the enemies be it Cybermen or Weeping Angels.

Facebook game: Dungeon Rampage game review, walkthrough and how to play tips

Dungeon Rampage involves a lot of drama and will definitely make you feel that you are the supreme hero of the whole story. So let us go through the review and see what this game holds for all of us.

Forget subtly, it is the perfect time to get armed with a lot of deadly weapons which have got multiple functions and get ready to battle it out with giant fiends and save a princess or maybe two, if you are lucky enough and share your victory with all you friends.