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Top 5 Best DJ Software for Windows 8 PC 2013

Thanks to technological advancements music has progressed both harmonically and digitally. Forget the old mixing machines that used to grind out remix for music fans. The age is digital so why it may not come with software supporting the same endeavors to create a new flavor for music fans. We are recommending 5 top best DJ software for PC users that are listed below for your eyes and ears;

Top 5 Best Facebook Music Applications

Just imagine a day without any kind of music! Hard to think, right? Because it is really not possible to be away from music, as we are so busy to get somewhere in life, we simply forget to sit back and relax. So to get balanced with it we listen to music and do get the peace and happiness which is hard to get. So I have listed down top five Facebook Music Application to give the best of both the world.

Here are the top five Facebook Music Applications: