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Comparison between Airtel Digital and Sun Direct TV DTH providers

Sometimes it really get hard to compare DTH services, as we have got many. Today we have got so many DTH services that it is quite normal to get confused when it comes to buying one. But to get the best for you I have compared two popular DTH services and they are Airtel TV and Sun Direct TV. Both the services are good and reliable, but to choose the best we have to go through it in deep. Here we go :

Comparison between Reliance Big TV and Dish TV DTH service providers

Choosing between the 4-5 DTH providers in India can be a headache with very little visible difference in their services and your friends not a help because at most they would have tried only 2 of these DTH providers. So here we bring you a comparison between two of the major DTH providers in India- Reliance Big TV and Dish TV DTH service providers. 

Comparison between Dish TV and Sun Direct DTH services

Today we are able to see so many companies coming up with the service of digital signal television viewing and making the experience better than ever for you. So its becomes important to check out all the possible services, compare it and then choose the best. Here I will be comparing two DTH satellite services namely Dish TV and Sun direct TV. Such type of services have satellite TV packages which receive programming from dishes mounted on your roof and same goes for both of the above companies as well.

Comparison between Dish TV and Airtel TV services

Dish TV and Airtel Digital TV are two major DTH service providers in India. With the Indian government pushing for digitization across India it is common for people to be confused over which service provider to use. So to help you in choosing the right DTH providers, here we provide you with an exhaustive review, comparing the pros and cons of Airtel Digital TV versus Dish TV.

Best Android Games to enjoy IPL 2013 feel on smartphone or tablet

IPL 6 is just round the corner and the excitement is palpable in all the cricket fans. It is also the time when many of the fans will be looking forward to indulge in gaming themselves to enjoy. So, for all the Android equipped cricket enthusiasts, here we present the best Android IPL 6 games.

How to play Facebook game Car Town EX- review & walkthrough

Now a days people are very crazy about cars and want their car to-be fully loaded with features and have the best style all over the town. So you can use your ideas of a perfect garage for the cars in this game and can become the famous garage master. You have to satisfy your customer and build your garage so that more customer will get attracted towards your garage. Take a look at the steps to play the game and tips which are going to help you in this game.

Top 5 best wireless keyboards for Windows 8 from HP & Logitech

This is the time where people love to go wireless, now everything is wireless then why not make our computers also wireless with wireless keyboards and mouse. So to give the best options in the market when it comes to wireless keyboards, I am giving you top five wireless keyboards below, so check them all and choose the one that suits your requirements and budget.

Best Facebook applications for latest trustworthy news

Love to spend your time of Facebook but would also love to get the latest news of your country and the world on your favorite social site itself? If yes, then here are some of the widely used applications on Facebook which provide you with hot and trusted news right when you want it. With these apps you can follow whatever category of news you want, it can be social, entertainment, sports, movie starts, local or even the world. So choose the type of news you want and make your social experience an enriching one.

Top 3G data plan comparison for Indian market

It has been observed that in the last few months, mobile service providers in India have been lowering their 3G rates to get Indian craving for 3G speeds and getting used to it forever. The very first company was Bharti Airtel who began the price war by lowering its 3G rates by 70% . Reliance was the next one to follow by lowering up to 90%, later it was Vodafone, Idea Cellular and Aircel. Please note that I have mentioned below the comparison based on prepaid 3G rates of Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance and Aircel for the Mumbai circle.

Best Facebook Utilities Application for social connect

A day is always incomplete till you have the best conversation with your friends, after that only, you feel that everything is good now. If we are talking about utilities then it should help us to connect with our loved ones, then only the utility applicationd will be of use. So here I will be giving you top five utilities application which will let you connect with others and make your day better. There are many utility application, but here I am giving you detail about application which will let you connect.

Top 5 Best Facebook Photos and Videos editing Applications

What fun will you have in life, if you don't have any memories to look at. If you get access to store all your memorable photos and videos in one place and that also in a unique way then how can you resist that? Facebook has come up with so many application to edit all your photos and videos in a fun way and share it will all your friends. Here are the top five Facebook Photos and Videos Application:

Facebook game: Dragon City review, walkthrough and play tips

Dragon City is an adventure game for the Facebook users in which you have to become the dragon master with the help of Deus the dragon master. He will tell you all the steps to become a powerful dragon master and you have to follow him. So take a look at how to play this exciting and adventurous game of dragons.

Top 5 Best Facebook Music Applications

Just imagine a day without any kind of music! Hard to think, right? Because it is really not possible to be away from music, as we are so busy to get somewhere in life, we simply forget to sit back and relax. So to get balanced with it we listen to music and do get the peace and happiness which is hard to get. So I have listed down top five Facebook Music Application to give the best of both the world. Here are the top five Facebook Music Applications:

7 Best Features of Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4, successor to hugely successful Samsung Galaxy S III, was hugely anticipated by the smartphones lovers. S4 has got multiple advanced features that will give the users a whole new experience. Let’s have a look at 7 amazing features of Samsung Galaxy S4 that showcase how this new phone is technologically more advanced than most of its competitors.

Top GPS Navigation systems

Now a days tracking a place is very important as people have to travel a lot and they should have a good navigation system that can provide them with the best and faster performance. In this field companies are launching their system to show the users who is best so here are some of the GPS navigation system that can help you in finding their destination.

Top 5 Best Android Apps for watching streaming IPL 6 Live

IPL is around the corner and it is not possible for every person to watch IPL live in the stadium or at home in front of television. But all those smartphone users needn’t worry now because there some fantastic new Android apps for IPL 2013 that will not only keep you updated with the score, but will also allow you to watch the match live on your phone. Let’s have a look at the best android apps for watching IPL 6 live .

Top 5 Best Facebook Lifestyle Applications

Everybody tends to opt for some unique style in their day to day life and many of us love to change it from time to time. Whatever your nature is, but you can't deny the fact that everybody tends to have a different lifestyle and many of us would love to explore the options if we get time. So for the above reason I have came up with the top five Facebook Lifestyle Application for you to explore and choose whatever fits your lifestyle.

Top 5 Best Facebook Entertainment applications

Facebook is the best social networking site and there is no doubt about it. But most of the people not only come online to chat, but also to check out thousands of applications on Facebook and trust me there are so many that it will take ages for you to check them out. So to make your job easy I have listed down top five Facebook Entertainment application, do check them out to have the best entertainment for yourself.

Smartphones with quad core processors below Rs 15,000

Competition is heating up in the smartphone segment lying in the range of 10,000 to 15,000 in India as along with the MNCs Indian phone makers are also trying to grab a share in it. Companies like Micromax, Lava, Karbonn and Xolo have seen huge success in low price segment and now they are targeting niche segment of smartphones. Micromax’s A110 paved the way and now we have more phones coming in with many attractive features. Here we are telling our users about three new smartphones priced below 15,000 bucks.

Google-Adidas Talking Shoes features and uses

Very recently Google unveiled a new type of wearable tech at the SXSW conference, which is none other than the Google Talking Shoes.Google Talking Shoes is being developed as part of the "Art, Copy, Code" project. With the reveal of this product, of course Google is not getting into a shoe business. As the name itself says, these are just a running shoe but with an advanced talking integrated system. Yes, the shoes really do speak and it will act as a robotic coach by delivering some encouraging comments such as "Let's do this", "Faster! Feel the burn" and so on.

Top 5 Best Adventure & RPG Games on Facebook 2013

Adventure and RPG (Role Playing Games) games have seen a huge surge in their popularity in past one year. Their engaging storylines and amazing action keeps the users hooked to the game. Facebook has introduced a number of pretty cool adventure and RPG games for its users. Here we are listing best 5 of them for our readers.

Top 5 Best Online backup solutions- free data storage

It has been reported that many people loose their valuable data every year because they don't backup their data and if their computer facea some kind of technical problem, then all the data saved in the system is completely gone. This is the reason that online backup is being preferred by many people now-a-days. The online backup services make the safeguarding your data easier and more reliable. Since the files are stored on remote, redundant servers, if a disaster strikes your system, your backup won't rely on physical discs, so that means you don't loose any data.

Top 5 Best performance tune up utilities for Windows 8, 7 and XP

Remember the days when your computer system used to have a jet speed, that was the time when you first had rebooted your computer, but as your computer start getting packed with new files everyday it is bound to get slow day after day and this is the time it gets really important to tune up your computer, so that it can again get a moderate speed and have a good lifespan. There are thousands of tune up utility software available in the market, but here I will be giving review of the top five tune up utility software and application. But first you should know what exactly tune up utility software is, it is an application which is designed to fix the wear and tear that computer which may suffer over time by repairing hard drive fragmentation, fixing the problematic Windows registry, and also by deleting all the useless and duplicate files.

Top 5 Best Action Games on Facebook 2013

Facebook is in constant process of evolving itself and keep its users hooked to the website in one way or another. For the gaming aficionados Facebook keeps on adding new games spread across various genres like sports, adventure, racing etc. For those who love action games, Facebook has a whole range of games to play. Here we present before you best five action games on Facebook in the year 2013.

Top ten Android HD games for Micromax A116 Canvas smartphone

Today we are living in the world of HD movies, then why not have the same fun with games as well? Many people are crazy about HD games, so let me share top ten HD Android games to be played on your Micromax A116 HD right here :

Best screen guard protection covers for Micromax A116 HD

This is the age of smartphones with large touchscreens and so it is very imperative to provide proper protection to them since any damage to them in form of scratch, smudge etc. will not only look bad, but also hamper the working of the phone as it might impact the sensors in the phone. Micromax A116 Canvas HD is a very popular phone in the market these days which comes with 5 inch LCD display. Obviously, a user of this phone would first search for a protection cover after buying it. Here we provide information about the best protection covers for Micromax A116 HD phones.