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8 Differences which make Nokia Lumia 630 better or worse than Lumia 520

I am not quite surprised that people are finding similarities between Nokia Lumia 520 and the new Lumia 630. They do have specifications that look similar to each other but only when you go down a little deep would you realize that it is not so. Here we would take you on the trip of a showdown between these two Nokia mid-range mobiles and show you how Lumia 630 is in some areas better than Lumia 520 and in some, not.

Uconomix uMark Watermark Software Review and Features

uMark Professional is launched by a Uconomix Technologies Private Limited in this year which has wooed the market with its easy-to-use yet powerful application that is perfectly designed for the protection of your digital property copyright especially images through adding watermarks. Though a professional tool, uMark will surprise you with its simplicity and transparency. Developed on a sound technical background, uMark looks attractive and intuitive. It has freed a vast sector of people including professionals like photographers, SEO folks, writers, bloggers and non-professionals from botheration of copyright issues and from the unnecessary dangers of being exploited online just because of sharing their content online.

Lose weight and stay healthy with BodBot on Windows phone 8

It is not everyday that you find a app that can give your personal trainer a run for his/her money. It is a fitness app that comes with great functionality and performance. It was already available for Android and iOS and now it is available for Windows 8 too. BodBot is an app that takes care of your diet as well as your daily exercises creating the required balance between the two. If you want to get in shape and want something easy to guide you with, BodBot is your thing. If you already have a diet plan and know your way around the gym then you can give this app a miss. But if you are just starting out and especially if don't want to go to the gym right now then BodBot is the right app to start this with.

Paragon Backup and Recovery Home 14 features and review

Paragon Backup and Recovery Home 14 is a premium software that can help you in creating a complete back up of your hard drive or a partition of it so that when you lost your data partially or fully in case of a hard drive you can rest assured that they will be restored as it is. With the fresh look of Windows 8 like interface, Paragon Backup and Restore provides easy access to all its main features Paragon Tiled user interface Back up using Paragon Home 14 From the home screen itself you can start the backup of your hard drive's partition or the whole hard drive, the OS along with it. The software is a little heavy at 200+ MB but the installation is simple. Just click on the Backup button present on the home screen and a wizard will open up to guide you through the process. Select the drives you want to back up and the destination drive. There are a few settings regarding the backup which you decide to customize or leave it in default state. One option you might like to c