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Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 Removal Tool features and review

Now-a –days you will be hearing a lot about malwares attacking computers worldwide and this problem is rising day-by-day. It is very difficult to safeguard your computer from such malwares every single time, so for that you need to have a security program that protects your computer from any type of malware. It is true that you will get a lot of such programs in the markets worldwide, but you will simply get confused on which one you should trust to give the access to your computer. If you are looking for the best security programs then I would suggest you the latest launch of Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 Removal Too l. It is one of the best security programs that you can relay upon without worrying about your data in your computer. The latest version of Bitdefender is packed with a lot of unique and strong features that it will be very difficult for you to resist this great program for sure. Let us see some of the features of this great security program.

DVD Ripper Software features and usages

Need a DVD Ripper? Try the coolest one! Going steady with the advancements in technology? What options do you have if you have an important audio or video recorded content on your DVD and you want to save it lest the DVD gets scratched, tarnished or harmed in some way or the other? The best option would be to transfer the contents of the DVD onto some secure medium. Tried and tested versions of DVD Rippers are available to facilitate replicating the content of a DVD to make a copy to a Hard Disk Drive. DVD Ripper Software can be used to transfer video on DVDs to different formats or to edit or backup DVD content or for conversion of DVD video for playback on Media Players and mobiles. Where data safety or keeping a backup is the buzzword, it becomes almost mandatory to use softwares like the Data Ripper to salvage data in its original form.

Best DVD Cloning Software for Lively Effects review

Are you bitten by the bug for watching cool movies without leaving your home premises? Even if the old days of ‘the first day, first show’ theory might be over, the habit won’t leave you for years. If you’ve caught the movie watching hay fever, it would show on your moods! A DVD Cloner might come for your rescue, in a hypothetical situation such as this. Imagine it’s raining outside and you don’t want to leave the comforts of your home to watch your favorite movie. You try calling a friend ask him if he has a DVD of the movie. Gingerbreads! He has to watch the same DVD with his family some time later in the day. No problems, you have a DVD-Cloner with you, you collect the DVD from his house next door and make a perfect copy of the latest DVD movie, return the DVD back and there you go! Steal the best moments and enjoy your popcorn moments at home. Bring movie magic to life! You can definitely have more home spun fun, while at home. Cut to cut, frame after frame, instead of having t

Top 5 Best Casino Games on Facebook in 2013

The gaming activity has seen a huge increase on Facebook since the last one year as more and more users are getting hooked to the different types of games being offered on it. Today Facebook has got games belonging to every category on it and one of the most popular categories is that of Casino games. Many new casino games have been released on Facebook in the last one year and so the confusion is palpable as it is tough to choose one or few good games from the list. Here we present before you the best five casino games to play on Facebook in 2013.

Top 5 Best Sports games on Facebook in 2013

Not only you, not only the guy who lives next door, every person who has the wit, enthusiasm and passion to be an online gamer would not fizzle. It’s like making the messy picture disappear and a crystal clearer one to shine bright. What are we babbling about so much? To be fair enough, FaceBook’s Top Five Sports Games 2013! All Sports lovers find it to be enchantingly pleasant to play these games as the makers keep reinvigorating these games to make them faster like a Supersonic flight and utterly enjoyable such that the whole experience is worth being talked about. These games have their own Charisma!

How to Setup and use VPN in Windows 8

Internet connectivity is very essential for any professional today. Information is the key to success in today’s world and the internet is easily one of the best mediums for the flow of information. However, the safety of information is also very important. You need to work on a network which provides you security with regards to your data and your activity. Virtual Private Network (VPN) can do that job for you. As its name suggests, VPN gives you that privacy you needed. Earlier, setting up a VPN was a very daunting task, but that’s not the case now anymore. With few simple steps, even a non-technical person can easily setup one. The VPN can be set up in two different ways – the outgoing network and an incoming network. The outgoing VPN involves connecting office network from a remote PC. The incoming VPN is when you computer allows connections from the remote computers.

How to Install X-Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000

 Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 came with Android OS v2.1 (Eclair) and is upgradable up to Android Gingerbread. This was sufficient when this smartphone was released in 2010 but now if 2013 if you are still using this smartphone and are aching for a new OS then here we bring you with a custom ROM named X-Bean ROM which can be installed on  Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 and provides the features of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

Top Five Best Facebook Simulation Games of 2013

C’mon chase your favorite dream! It’s like moving like a cartoon character without losing your own special self. Simulation games take you into a closely interwoven tale that never fails to make you gasp with excitement as you move along. Which are the top five simulation games on FaceBook in 2013? This ought to be the question that everybody needs to answer, without having to think again.

Top five best puzzle games on Facebook for 2013

Do you find puzzles interesting? Big or small they are all exciting, once you solve them, and the sooner you solve them, you are declared a winner by all. ‘Yup! I can do it!’ this kind of feeling comes to you and gives you the belief that he is that one Special Somebody, who can dare it all. Puzzle games become so popular increasingly that people buy them for the sake of fashion too. Or what you can call a trend. My neighbor has it, so do I. Try not to bother your mind, rather enjoy the puzzle type game that you bought recently. You’ll sit like a tortoise till you get it all solved, but hey! Concentration is important,  isn't  it?

Top 5 Windows phones under Rs.20000 in 2013

Smartphone segment is spread over high, mid and low end range. The users have a got a plethora of options in both high and low range. However, the mid range from Rs.14,000 to Rs.20,000 boasts of very few decent smartphones. It becomes even more difficult to find a good Windows 8 phone is this segment owing to this mobile OS by Microsoft being adopted by very few handset makers in the market so far. Nevertheless, here we present before you the important details about the best Windows 8 phone that are available in the mid range i.e. under 20,000.

Top 5 best Android and Windows 8 upcoming tablets in 2013

It's 2013 and in this hi-tech world, if you still are using an old-fashioned cell phone, then it is really time to think again. It's a new year and it is time to explore some of the best options for tablets. If we talk about the Android tablet market, then we have a lot of options and some of them are coming up in this very year. We, the geeks, always seek something new and better from the previous one, and that is why developers too are anxious to show-off their work before it comes to the market and here you will get a preview of the upcoming Android tablets. I am happy to share with you the top five upcoming Android tablets in 2013 in my list and according to my preferences.

Top 7 Best Lifestyle apps for Windows 8

The Lifestyle apps on Windows 8 give you the latest trends to follow; you can search for a good place for your trip, can go with the latest music, phones etc. So here are some applications which might help you in taking your lifestyle decisions and show you the latest updates of the world. Amazon Metro for Windows 8 This Windows 8 app will provide you with the latest deals and offers offered by Amazon. It will also let you know about the most selling product and you can easily move from app to their site to complete the purchase process. It gives you all the detail about the product with their review so that you can decide which is best for you.

Top & Best Antivirus apps for Android in 2013

Just like desktop/laptop operating systems require antivirus to tackle malicious programs, the mobile OS is always under the threat of a virus/Trojan attacks. Android phones are especially susceptible to malwares. Every year thousands of new malwares appear in the form of apps and make their way into users’ phones. Few of these malicious apps even manage to land in Google Play Store and that is a matter of concern for any Android user. Fortunately, we have a number of efficient antivirus apps present that can effectively counter the threat of malwares. Some of them are free and others are paid, but they are best in the business. Here is a list of the best antivirus apps for Android in 2013.