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Best Virtualization software for Linux OS to run Windows

The Linux OS failed to become as popular as Windows OS but nevertheless it is also a fact that it is one of the best operating systems in the world. More than 85% of world’s supercomputers use some version of Linux as their operating system. Linux stands as the prime choice for embedded systems today; where as windows lacks visibly in that arena.

Best Virtualization Software for MAC OS to run Windows OS

Mac OS were developed by Apple; though the world on the whole seems to go bananas for Windows OS but the fact remains that despite Mac being a little behind in terms of market share or growth it is as good as any version of Windows. The dilemma can become a pain if you wish to use Mac and your wife likes Windows so what to do? Well less worries now as virtualization has taken the world by storm.

Top 5 Best DJ Software for Windows 8 PC 2013

Thanks to technological advancements music has progressed both harmonically and digitally. Forget the old mixing machines that used to grind out remix for music fans. The age is digital so why it may not come with software supporting the same endeavors to create a new flavor for music fans. We are recommending 5 top best DJ software for PC users that are listed below for your eyes and ears;

Best Android apps to plan your holiday

It has already crossed mid-April and you still do not know where you're going on vacation this summer? Do not worry. Here we present to you the best Android apps for planning your vacation now! Tripadvisor With the Tripadvisor app, you can get information on all hotels worldwide. Tripadvisor assessments community will be very useful to get an idea of ​​the hotels that are available. In addition, thanks to the geolocation service, you can view all activities in the area as well as photos taken by travelers.

Top 5 best smartphone apps for better sleep

Do you face problems to fall asleep at night? Your smartphone can help you get some sound sleep! Discover some of the best smartphone apps for better sleep! Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (iPhone)   By using the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app you can wake up on the right foot. Indeed, it will trigger the alarm clock in the shallow phase of your sleep to ensure an optimal awakening.

How to play Facebook game SongPop- review and walkthrough

SongPop is a very popular game among music lovers, it is basically a pop quiz app, which is quite similar with the playing pattern of Draw Something. Even though it is different when compared with Draw Something, it does it take the turn-based structure of Draw Something game and the good part is that it uses licensed music instead of long-winded text questions.

Best Android 4.2 Custom Jelly Bean ROMs for Galaxy S3 I9300

Do you own Samsung Galaxy S3? And are you searching to enhance your experience on Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300? Then this post is exactly for you. You can do so by installing custom ROMs on it. Here we are providing a list of best Android 4.2 Custom Jelly Bean ROMs for Galaxy S3 I9300.  

Best Football live streaming, games and trivia apps for Windows 8

Football is a game of speed, stamina, fake moves and of goals. Everyone wants to be a part of this game and now with Windows 8 apps of football will bring the game in your hand in which you can play the game with different teams or you can show your knowledge related to the game and you can show your skills to defend the other opponents challenges.

Top 5 free firewall softwares/apps for Windows 8 smartphones and PC

Having a computer means a lot of security work for you and if you are accessing internet with it then you must have a firewall in your computer. If you have firewall in your computer, then it will be able to protect your computer from malware. By not having firewall many people lose their Gmail and Facebook passwords due to online attacks on computers. And that is just the least of harms, imagine getting your banking passwords hacked! So it means that it is must to have firewall software for internet users. Firewall is the strongest protection between two computers and computer and websites. Firewall is capable of allowing loading of only secure sites and hence saving your computer from unnecessary attacks. Firewalls and Antivirus software have a lot of difference. Antivirus are not as efficient in protecting your computer from hackers or malicious software such as worms. So if you want every protection for your computer overall then go through the list of firewall software below to e

Comparison between Tata Sky vs Reliance Big TV DTH service providers

As we all are aware that cable connections are no more available in many cities, so that is the reason people are all crazy for getting a brand new DTH service for their television. There are so many options out in the market which sometimes get quite confusing once you made your mind to go for the one. Here I am going to compare two reputed DTH companies and they are Tata Sky TV and Reliance Big TV. Here we go :

Comparison between Airtel Digital and Reliance Big TV DTH services

Airtel TV and Reliance Big TV are quite popular among young generation as it got to offer so many channels and services that are loved by youngsters. But this popularity creates a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing one of them. So here I will be comparing these two DTH companies so that it becomes easy for you to choose one amongst them. See all the pros and cons between the services of both the companies and decide for yourself which one you will prefer to go with. Here we go:

Comparison between Tata Sky vs Airtel Digital DTH service providers

There is like a war going on between DTH companies and everybody wants to be the best. But when you start comparing all the services then you will come to know which service is good in specific field and which one is lacking behind. So here I am going to compare two newest services in this DTH companies war and they are Tata Sky and Airtel Digital.

Top 5 Best Hidden Object Games on Facebook 2013

Hidden object games have become popular over a period of time for the considerable ease with which they can be played. These games are inexpensive and can be classified as a puzzle game. The prime objective of these games is to locate hidden objects within a picture; which of course requires a keen eye and effective time management. Hidden object games are casual but liked by both adults and kids. Below we have attempted to list the top 5 best hidden games in 2013 that are available on Facebook for you to enjoy:

Top 5 Best Arcade Games on Facebook 2013

No other game gets your adrenalin going than the arcade games. They keep you hooked to the screen and each successful mission or high score accumulation brings in that sense of accomplishment. For the arcade game aficionados Facebook has got some wonderful games in its kitty and the site keeps on adding new wonderful games in this category. Here we present before you top 5 arcade games on Facebook 2013.

Comparison between Videocon vs. Airtel Digital DTH service providers

Here in this article I am going to compare between two newest kids in the block and they are Videocon and Airtel Digital. I know that they are new to this service, but trust me they are simply wonderful and both are outstanding. So let us see which one is ultimately the best.

Best Virtualization software for Windows 8, 7 and earlier versions

What is Virtualization software? A Virtualization software can effectively turn one computer into several. It is commonly understood that one computer runs only one operating system. Virtualization software program changes this fact by allowing you to run multiple operating systems on one machine simultaneously. In virtualization context the main operating system running on the machine is labeled as host operating system whereas subsequent operating systems installed are referred to as guest operating system. You can use as many guest operating systems as you require, they will act like independent new computers and even show as separate units on a network thus effectively turning one computer into several. It is generally accepted that users having windows as host operating system find their options limited when it comes to choosing virtualization software. This is not entirely correct. Recent advancements in information technology have created a lot of viable options for

Top 5 Best Card games on Facebook 2013

Playing card games are easily one of the simplest and oldest forms of games around. Carious card games like poker, bridge, and blackjack etc. have been a source of entertainment and fun for all of us. For all the card game enthusiasts, Facebook has got a lot of engaging games. Here we are mentioning top best card games on Facebook in 2013.

Top 5 Best Family games on Facebook 2013

With the gaming culture seeing an upsurge among the kids, especially due to their availability on phones and internet, the parents have a new headache these days of ensuring that children don’t get addicted to games involving violence and weapons. For such anxious parents Facebook has got some real cool and safe family games. Here we present for our readers 5 best family games on Facebook.

Top 5 Best Strategy Games on Facebook 2013

Strategy gaming is one category of the online games that has seen a huge surge in its popularity in past few months. These games involve a lot of thinking on the part of the player and so people play them with an intention to give their brain cells some exercise. For our readers we are putting together the list of 5 best strategy games available on Facebook.

Top 5 Best Trivia & Word games on Facebook 2013

Trivia and word games are the easiest games around in the way that the players don’t need to worry about the controls and other complexities which are part of the gaming in other categories. These games are also a nice way of checking your English, General Knowledge and aptitude. For all the trivia and word games aficionados, here are best 5 games on Facebook in this category.

Top 5 Best HD Games to Play on Windows PC

Recent times have changed the gaming scenario a lot. With Xbox, PS3 and several other applications playing on PC with Windows as OS is declining but still some of us crave the enjoyment of playing on our PC more than anything else. If you wish to play on your PC the HD experiences is definitely hit and go. Below are some of the best HD games to play this year on your personal computer:

Best Android Apps for IPL 2013 Live Scorecard & News

IPL Cricket, undoubtedly, is the most favorite sport of the country and the excitement level reaches its peak during summer season as IPL begins. The matches are played in very limited venues and so not everyone can watch IPL match live . Similarly it is not possible for the people on job to remain glued to the TV screens during their working hours. But that doesn't mean that such cricket aficionados will miss out all the fun. There are plenty of IPL android apps around that are going to keep the users updated with each and every happening on the cricket ground. Here we present before you the best Android Apps for IPL 2013 Live Scorecard & News .