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Polycraft Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Have you recently visited the Chrome Apps Store? Polycraft, a new free-to-play strategy world game via Turbulenz is waiting for you right there. It’s a simple browser-based game which you can control it through your mouse with a multiple set of actions stacked up for the players. Press the start button and you’ll find yourself busy with building bases, collecting resources and participating in mega wars. The game has both the intrigue and trick which needs a totally absorbent mind with fast moving fingers and an open thought process before each click. Better be careful, as you are now a inhabitant of an exquisite island with wonders to explore and a precarious loop to deal.  

Facebook game: Kingsbridge review, gameplay and features

Kingsbridge is an addictive strategy game which is seeing an upsurge in its popularity. The premise of the game is very simple. The player is a noble man belonging to medieval period whose job is to rebuild a forest town and also work diligently for its prosperity. The introduction to the story is short and crisp. Afterwards you are given a small tutorial on how to play the game.

Cubemen 2: review, gameplay, tips to play and features

Cubemen, developed by Three Sprockets, was released last year and had turned out to be a reasonable success. The game had attracted the attention of the gaming community by adding a twist in the tower defense genre. The game had allowed players to essentially position units around a blocky map and wait for the enemy.