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Top 5 Best Facebook Lifestyle Applications

Everybody tends to opt for some unique style in their day to day life and many of us love to change it from time to time. Whatever your nature is, but you can't deny the fact that everybody tends to have a different lifestyle and many of us would love to explore the options if we get time. So for the above reason I have came up with the top five Facebook Lifestyle Application for you to explore and choose whatever fits your lifestyle.

Top 7 Best Lifestyle apps for Windows 8

The Lifestyle apps on Windows 8 give you the latest trends to follow; you can search for a good place for your trip, can go with the latest music, phones etc. So here are some applications which might help you in taking your lifestyle decisions and show you the latest updates of the world.

Amazon Metro for Windows 8 This Windows 8 app will provide you with the latest deals and offers offered by Amazon. It will also let you know about the most selling product and you can easily move from app to their site to complete the purchase process. It gives you all the detail about the product with their review so that you can decide which is best for you.