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Facebook game: Murder in Provence Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

If you are looking for an adventurous and mystery solving experience, Murder in Provence is another Facebook application game embedded in a story line and riddles woven together. The levels of the game are short and you keep scoring within no time as and when you start playing the levels of your choice and unlock the riddles.

LEGO: Legends of Chima Online game review, gameplay and features

Before we go ahead with the game in discussion let me ruffle a few pages of history of LEGO Universe, a MMO right game by LEGO which has no storyline behind it and has just a blind action themed gameplay. The game attracted a lot of players for its free gameplay but couldn’t gather enough of them for its paid part. LEGO: Legends of Chima Online is not much different from the previous version but it definitely has many good points about its gameplay which make it a nice game.

Facebook game: Terra Monsters review, gameplay and tips to play

Another Facebook application game that traps your attention is The Terra Monsters . There are almost 200 monsters whom you can arrest and train, and that is the trump card of this game. It even counts more than the "over 100 quests" and also the "massive open world". Rather, it would be better to say that there are the only points worth highlighting in the game. Ratings : 1 start

Facebook game: Chat Fu Ninja review, gameplay and tips to play

If you had a wish in your dreams to fight like a Ninja, Facebook application game Chat Fu Ninja will make it true for you. Log on to your Facebook account, where you can now play Blot’s Chat Fu – an interactive game with fists of words. You and your opponent both are Ninjas here, but your opponent would take time to realize it. The game functions through the Facebook ‘chat’ option, where you choose your enemy and select the “Fight”. There are a range of categories like, Food, Cartoons, TV and Pop Culture from where you have to make your friend say a word that relates to one of these categories but are not falling under the “trap words”. If one uses a trap word, he loses the game. So remember, not only fists, even words hurt.

Facebook game: Vega Conflict review, gameplay and tips to play

If you are looking for a social strategy game that doesn't tax your moneybag, Vega Conflict is the right choice for you. Pressing the play button will sweep you to the game of excitement with a world class animated site accompanied with enchanting voiceovers. If you have already set your hand with KIXEYE’s Battle Pirates, Vega Conflict may appear to be easier, but as you proceed with the game, it suddenly takes a different turn when it reaches the space transition level with verve.

Spelunky game review, gameplay and tips to play

Enter the world of Spelunky, to experience another successfully launched Indie game by Derek Yu, the top contributor in Indie game scenes. Take up the challenges in Spelunky and glide through the unyielding random-level generator platform. You will instantly get enticed by its high speed progression system, where you can score with your level of understanding the game, with development of your skills and getting used to its nuances. It would be a prized possession of any gamer’s collection to have a Spelunky .

Neverwinter game review, gameplay and highlights

Coming to the world of games that inspire your adventurous spirit, Neverwinter comes up with all that rows of excitement you are looking for. Stacked up in the Perfect World Entertainment, Neverwinter wears the perfect settings of classic RPG supplements, novels and prior video games, Neverwinter has won attention worldwide, with its engrossing game plan along with its free-to-play MMORPG option. If you are new to the site, you are likely to have an engrossing time ahead.

Fairy Tale Twist Review, Gameplay and Tips to play

Save your loved heroes by solving match-3 puzzles- this is exactly what Zynga has based the theme of its new game Fairy Tale Twist on. Fairy Tale Twist is a new match-3 game on Facebook that has its own unique and common features to other match-3 games on Facebook. Fairy Tale Twist brings to you a new addicting gameplay in a match-3 game with the aim to dig into your pockets while you are getting hooked to another one of their games.

Facebook game: Pool Live Tour Review, Gameplay and Tips on how to play

Pool Live Tour is a real-time pool game, which you can play with other players of Facebook around the world. Simply login and you are ready to play this awesome pool game. This game is very simple and accessible for free too. Once you start the game you will get the option of multiple venues for multiple skill levels and also you will get the Tournament option for competition as well. But yes, in this game you will not get options for practice table and also you will not have the ability to set your own bets. The sad part is that there have been a lot of crash reports.

Facebook game: Howzat Cricket Review, Gameplay and Tips to play

Cricket is surely everybody's favorite sports especially if you live in England or any of the ex-colonial countries. But if it is not, even then try this fun, simple and addicting cricket game that you can play anywhere, anytime and after that you will get addicted to it for sure. You just need a Facebook account and the you can happily spend hours playing a tournament or make a train journey fly by with a one off game. You can choose from a simple endless mode or a realistic 20/20 mode. You will simply love this fun, if you have liked the little master cricket. It won't be wrong to say that the fun of the cricket game is in the palm of your hand.

The Smurfs & Co: Spellbound Review, Gameplay and Tips to play

The Smurfs & Co: Spellbound is a follow up game to the highly popular existing sim on Facebook The Smurfs and Co. This game is primarily for those who are die hard fans of the Smurfs, that is especially kids. There is nothing unique in this game that the previous sim didn't have or for that matter other city building games don't offer. You has to play the role of a Smurf who has to protect his friends and restore the blue glory of his/her city.