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Best 10 Android apps to install after rooting

Rooting is nothing less than opening a Pandora’s Box where you can find each and everything you name. Rooting is sort of independence for an Android smartphone after which you can install many apps and bring on many functionalities which were not possible earlier. Rooting is same to Android what Jailbreaking is to iOS.
Rooting gives you administrator privileges to your device. It is similar to the administrator permission we have on Windows. Also, there are various apps in the Android market whichwon’t work on an Android phone not rooted because they require access to the root directory to work properly. You can install a custom ROM too only when you have a rooted smartphone.

Six important tips for choosing best Android security apps for your smartphone

Communication devices are much vulnerable to security breaches and the popularity of Android based devices has made them a target for this unethical conduct too. Though Android based devices are less susceptible to virus attacks there is still a considerable risk of phishing or Id theft associated with them. This makes it important for you to have a security application up and running in your Android device.

Top 5 Best Android Apps for watching streaming IPL 6 Live

IPL is around the corner and it is not possible for every person to watch IPL live in the stadium or at home in front of television. But all those smartphone users needn’t worry now because there some fantastic new Android apps for IPL 2013 that will not only keep you updated with the score, but will also allow you to watch the match live on your phone. Let’s have a look at the bestandroid apps for watching IPL 6 live.

How to Install X-Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000

Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 came with Android OS v2.1 (Eclair) and is upgradable up to Android Gingerbread. This was sufficient when this smartphone was released in 2010 but now if 2013 if you are still using this smartphone and are aching for a new OS then here we bring you with a custom ROM named X-Bean ROM which can be installed on  Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 and provides the features of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

Top 5 best Android and Windows 8 upcoming tablets in 2013

It's 2013 and in this hi-tech world, if you still are using an old-fashioned cell phone, then it is really time to think again. It's a new year and it is time to explore some of the best options for tablets. If we talk about the Android tablet market, then we have a lot of options and some of them are coming up in this very year. We, the geeks, always seek something new and better from the previous one, and that is why developers too are anxious to show-off their work before it comes to the market and here you will get a preview of the upcoming Android tablets. I am happy to share with you the top five upcoming Android tablets in 2013 in my list and according to my preferences.