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FIFA Soccer 14 Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

A full-fledged soccer match that can win your heart is now on the move, with your finger touch. Electronic Arts has brought to you the entire show right on your screen and what more? You are the one who would be manipulating the players of this International standard football match through the electronic media. Feel the pulse of a vibrating football match with every motion designed for you to play and make your team bring the winning trophy.

Ratings: 8 out of 10 stars

Top 5 Best Facebook Sports Applications

In olden times families used to sit together to watch Sports news in their television, for that they needed to have time. But if we talk about today's time then it is very difficult for the whole family to have time to sit in front of television. Quite an amount of the time of present day generations goes on social networks or over their smartphones. May be this the reason Facebook has came up with so many Sports application, with which you can watch whenever you like and whatever you like. Here I will be giving you top five Facebook Sports Application for you to take the best use of them.

Best Football live streaming, games and trivia apps for Windows 8

Football is a game of speed, stamina, fake moves and of goals. Everyone wants to be a part of this game and now with Windows 8 apps of football will bring the game in your hand in which you can play the game with different teams or you can show your knowledge related to the game and you can show your skills to defend the other opponents challenges.

Best Android Apps for IPL 2013 Live Scorecard & News

IPL Cricket, undoubtedly, is the most favorite sport of the country and the excitement level reaches its peak during summer season as IPL begins. The matches are played in very limited venues and so not everyone can watch IPL match live. Similarly it is not possible for the people on job to remain glued to the TV screens during their working hours. But that doesn't mean that such cricket aficionados will miss out all the fun. There are plenty of IPL android apps around that are going to keep the users updated with each and every happening on the cricket ground. Here we present before you the best Android Apps for IPL 2013 Live Scorecard & News.

Top 5 Best Android Apps for watching streaming IPL 6 Live

IPL is around the corner and it is not possible for every person to watch IPL live in the stadium or at home in front of television. But all those smartphone users needn’t worry now because there some fantastic new Android apps for IPL 2013 that will not only keep you updated with the score, but will also allow you to watch the match live on your phone. Let’s have a look at the bestandroid apps for watching IPL 6 live.