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Front Wars game Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Battle games will always be at the front rows in the store. This time there is this Front Wars battle game by Gregory Challant waiting for you. Setting an example of how a war simulation should be, Front Wars has gone viral in the gaming world leaving the teens exhaustively engrossed to it. If you remember Famicom Wars or Advance Wars, Front War will appear to be quite similar to them. But this time it has given Nintendo series an update in the recent time after it produced Intelligent Systems.

Nidhogg game Review, Gameplay and How to Play

After winning the Nuovo award, Nidhogg wanted to win the hearts of gamers across the world, and it made its way in and out. Out of the sword-fighting genres, Nidhogg makes you play it with all your passion and desperation that you always waited for. Its AI angle made it a sharp presentation where the single player is a substitute though you would like to enjoy Nidhogg with friends.

Mega Jump 2 Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Are you ready for taking that Mega Jump, then Get Set go! They are giving you another experience in their latest launch of the sequel to the smashing hit Mega Jump, Mega Jump 2 . Beware of its intoxicating effect and get disconnected from the rest of the world to keep up the jumping about spirit that it invokes.

Joe Danger Infinity Review, Gameplay and Tip to play

This winter Christmas was more fun with the latest game launched by the Hello Games, none other but the Joe Danger Infinity loaded with infinite fun topping on the layers of danger and thrill. It looks like a toy that may Santa Claus has brought with him and you will find it really difficult to resist yourself from playing over and over again. As a sequel of the Joe Danger, Joe Danger Infinity keeps up all the features of a toy-based bike stunt game, if not more.

The Banner Saga Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Stoic Games has now in its book an epic creation in the world of games. Participate and be a part of it in their latest PC game, The Banner Saga . Starting with a broad spectrum storyline illustrated through awesome visuals, this game has that level of interactivity where you cannot but keep yourself delving deeper and deeper inside till the game itself navigates you to the exit door. Once you enter that enchanting universe, all your fate will be decided by the skills you achieve to get along with the levels and move on.

Tale of a Pale Swordsman: Reaper game review, gameplay and tips to play

It is quite difficult nowadays to find decent action games for mobiles. In name of action games you get titles like Soldiers D.U.T.Y which look like a college project of a beginner in game development. In search of my good games for mobile platform I chanced upon Reaper by Hexage. Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordman give you an in depth gaming experience with the storyline dependent on your choices, weapon upgrades and a lots of fighting sequences to enjoy!

LYNE game review, gameplay, storyline and tips to play

If you have had fun with classic Arukone, you would certainly like this new minimalist puzzler game Lyne where you have to connect two look - alike shapes like triangles or squares which would be scattered around the screen and you need to place them on a particular grid without breaking the line. Each of them would have distinctive boundaries and it won’t be difficult to save them from getting overlapped. If you are wondering coming at this point that what is the puzzle in this, then you need to enter the game and watch out how can it puzzle you to the roots.

Soldiers D.U.T.Y Next review, gameplay and tips to play

It is taking me quite a time to decide the best way to moderately start the review of this game. Not because it has a lot to talk about, but because it is not even worth the graphics they have put up. Soldiers DUTY looks more like a college project which has been published on Windows store. Play with touch controls or with keyboard or mouse, the game is not worth to even try! Developers : CyberCowy Ratings : 0 out of 10 stars

Sugar Tales Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

If you have a sweet tooth, playing King’s mega-match-three games can make you still more addictive to them, as they are all set to entice you with their sweetly planned game with delightfully colourful themes. Storyline This time in Sugar Tales you have to break the habit of picking up candies with still more delicious looking cakes. Even the cells are also changed in shape from square to hexagonal ones where you have to click on a category of static icons adjacent to each other and complete the task of the traditional match- three games. 

Vikings Gone Wild Review, Gameplay and Pros & Cons

Those players who have been looking for a Clash of Clans fix on Facebook now would be able to play Vikings Gone Wild from their Everyday iPlay. This game is all about seeing its players taking control of their own village of Vikings, engage themselves in the recruitment programs of the troops and preparing them to march ahead for the ferocious battle against their rival clans. The game reminds you of the Supercell’s Clash of Clans when you see its overall game plan and also in few of its interface designs listed in the menu bar.

Legend of Equip Pants Review, Storyline and Pros & Cons

Pros and cons Pros - Silly sense of humour will make you addicted towards this game, impeccable graphics, people from all ages can dwell in this game, RPG sound track, pixel based graphics Cons - Short and silly game not much to describe about Ratings : 5 out of 10 Do you remember what fun it was to play the very first Dragon Warrior game on the NES or the Monkey Island game which we all miss? Well, if answer to this question is resounding yes, then you might also remember that you used to purchase clothes- armour. The main question that we asked each other was- was the hero naked before we purchased clothes? Of course, he was not really naked or at least we couldn't view it because of limited graphics and stringent censorship policies by the developer. However, the legacy continues with this game. It is an odd adventure game fueled by silly jokes, pantaloons, shorts and underwear. Yes, you read it right, underwear!

The Room Two Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

After launching The Room, Fireproof Games got the hint of hitting the gaming zone with its sequel The Room Two. After the first Hellraiser-puzzle-box simulator game The Room Two is around with more head-scratching puzzle having the touch and gyroscope placed throughout the game. play it on your smartphones and tablets.