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Don't Shoot Yourself! Review, Gameplay and Pros and Cons

Shoot out with all your strength and fight till the end. But beware; the bullets shouldn’t come back as a boomerang. In classic genre of games, we all have seen players dealing with the firings that run continuously and he needs to make his way through that incredible scenario. But it goes all different when the culprit behind the showering of bullets is none other but thee player himself. That is the twist in the latest launched game Don’t Shoot Yourself!

Catch the Berry Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

A puzzle that can stir up your scientific bent of mind and remind you of the old school physics lessons, it is the Catch the Berry mobile game launched by the Random House Digital. It is a conglomerate of the latest features that we get to see in many other physics-based puzzle games, and whether Catch the Berry game could catch up the expectations of mobile game lovers, is yet to be seen.

Top 5 Best Arcade Games on Facebook 2013

No other game gets your adrenalin going than the arcade games. They keep you hooked to the screen and each successful mission or high score accumulation brings in that sense of accomplishment. For the arcade game aficionados Facebook has got some wonderful games in its kitty and the site keeps on adding new wonderful games in this category. Here we present before you top 5 arcade games on Facebook 2013.