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Facebook game: Chat Fu Ninja review, gameplay and tips to play

If you had a wish in your dreams to fight like a Ninja, Facebook application game Chat Fu Ninja will make it true for you. Log on to your Facebook account, where you can now play Blot’s Chat Fu – an interactive game with fists of words. You and your opponent both are Ninjas here, but your opponent would take time to realize it. The game functions through the Facebook ‘chat’ option, where you choose your enemy and select the “Fight”. There are a range of categories like, Food, Cartoons, TV and Pop Culture from where you have to make your friend say a word that relates to one of these categories but are not falling under the “trap words”. If one uses a trap word, he loses the game. So remember, not only fists, even words hurt.

How to play Words With Friends Facebook game- walkthrough and review

Let start with some of the remarks made by some popular websites and news channel about the Facebook game Words With Friends. They are as follows :
• "Delightfully addictive." – GeekSugar
• "Social gaming at its finest." – Fox News
• "The premise of ‘Words‘ is simple: you fire it up and are playing a Scrabble-like word game against one of your friends in seconds." – TechCrunch.

So now you can guess how addictive this game can be. Let's us see what's exactly this game has to hold for us.

How to play Facebook game SongPop- review and walkthrough

SongPop is a very popular game among music lovers, it is basically a pop quiz app, which is quite similar with the playing pattern of Draw Something. Even though it is different when compared with Draw Something, it does it take the turn-based structure of Draw Something game and the good part is that it uses licensed music instead of long-winded text questions.

Top 5 Best Trivia & Word games on Facebook 2013

Trivia and word games are the easiest games around in the way that the players don’t need to worry about the controls and other complexities which are part of the gaming in other categories. These games are also a nice way of checking your English, General Knowledge and aptitude. For all the trivia and word games aficionados, here are best 5 games on Facebook in this category.