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Legend of Equip Pants Review, Storyline and Pros & Cons

Pros and cons
Pros- Silly sense of humour will make you addicted towards this game, impeccable graphics, people from all ages can dwell in this game, RPG sound track, pixel based graphics
Cons- Short and silly game not much to describe about

Ratings: 5 out of 10

Do you remember what fun it was to play the very first Dragon Warrior game on the NES or the Monkey Island game which we all miss? Well, if answer to this question is resounding yes, then you might also remember that you used to purchase clothes- armour. The main question that we asked each other was- was the hero naked before we purchased clothes? Of course, he was not really naked or at least we couldn't view it because of limited graphics and stringent censorship policies by the developer. However, the legacy continues with this game. It is an odd adventure game fueled by silly jokes, pantaloons, shorts and underwear. Yes, you read it right, underwear!

Bush Whacker 2 Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Bush Whacker as the name says is all about collecting items below the bushes. Doesn't sound much exciting, does it? But wait! There'a a lot of gameplay here of which cutting the bushes is just the base. If not for the limiting energy, this game would surely take up a lot of your time with its addictive gameplay.

Card Hunter Review, Gameplay and Tips and Tricks to Play

Card Hunter is a recently launched browser-based flash game which has been developed and published by Blue Manchu. This great collectible card game has been released worldwide by September 12, 2013. In fact the Card Hunter is not a collectible card game alone, rather it is an all in one combination of video games, tabletop games and collectible card games.

Polycraft Review, Gameplay and Tips to Play

Have you recently visited the Chrome Apps Store? Polycraft, a new free-to-play strategy world game via Turbulenz is waiting for you right there. It’s a simple browser-based game which you can control it through your mouse with a multiple set of actions stacked up for the players. Press the start button and you’ll find yourself busy with building bases, collecting resources and participating in mega wars. The game has both the intrigue and trick which needs a totally absorbent mind with fast moving fingers and an open thought process before each click. Better be careful, as you are now a inhabitant of an exquisite island with wonders to explore and a precarious loop to deal.  

LEGO: Legends of Chima Online game review, gameplay and features

Before we go ahead with the game in discussion let me ruffle a few pages of history of LEGO Universe, a MMO right game by LEGO which has no storyline behind it and has just a blind action themed gameplay. The game attracted a lot of players for its free gameplay but couldn’t gather enough of them for its paid part. LEGO: Legends of Chima Online is not much different from the previous version but it definitely has many good points about its gameplay which make it a nice game.